Having the Right Pre-Workout Meal for the Best Results

When you have the wrong meal before your workout, you can struggle with discomfort that can be avoided. You do not want to ruin your workout with a meal that you could have avoided. That is why it is important to always eat the right food at some specific time before your workout session. The duration of your workout and the type of workout determines the right meal to take otherwise you will get ripped along the way.

Many people tend to think that not eating before a workout is the best thing as it does not result from discomfort of a full stomach. This is wrong and may deprive your body off the energy it needs for the workout. As you long as you have the right pre-workout meal rich in calories, you will have enough fuel for the workout which will prevent fatigue, light headaches, and low blood sugar. Maximize your energy by having the right foods.

What are the Best Types of Foods?

The body needs to be fuelled with proteins and carbohydrates. Bananas, oats, wholegrain bread, yogurt, and fruits are some of the best foods to take.

Carbohydrates for Fuelling the Body

Carbohydrates are very important, and the best thing is they are found in various forms. Taking bananas, oats, whole wheat bread, apples, yogurt, whole wheat bagel and almonds prior working out will give you the sufficient amount of fuel that it needs.

Sometimes it can be a challenge to have sufficient amount of carbs before hitting the gym, and in this case, pre workout powders comes in handy. You should not rely solely on the powders as you should adjust your natural carbohydrate intake gradually until you learn to do so.
Pre-Workout Meals Depending on Time

The closer you are to your training session, the simpler the pre workout meal you should take. The best meals if its 30 minutes to your session are a light fruit or a glass of juice. A bowl of cereals, yogurt, juice, and a fruit, are perfect if your workout is in 2 hours time. Eggs, rice, tuna, vegetables, and chicken are some of the foods you should have if your workout is in 4 hours time. It's a meal that should include; proteins, fats, carbohydrates and foods rich in fiber.

For the optimum results from your training program, you need to be consistent in your training program and ensure you take the foods that are important to your body. One advantage with the pre workout powders is they are readily available. Bananas are always available in your local grocery stores same as whole grain breads and oats. It's an inexpensive way to boost your health and maximize on your workouts.

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