High Protein Foods to Get Ripped -what to eat and what not to eat

Eating high protein foods like eggs, nuts, healthy fats, cuts of meat, cheeses,high protein shakes and smoothies is what your body needs to go from stored fat to building ripped muscles.

The more you cut out empty calories by reducing carbs and sweets, the more your body will turn into a fat burning monster Chewing through all that stored fat.

To get ripped and build a lean body it takes more than hours upon hours of pumping iron. You have to find a diet that is designed to help you as you lift weights and exercise to get ripped . If you are currently finding that your diet is proving not to be a good match then tweaking it slightly could help.

For example instead of loading up on oatmeal, eat several WHOLE eggs, yes yolks too, which are full of amino acids like B12 which kick start your neuro-transmitters into action. Eggs are most likely one of the best high protein foods you can consume.

keep an eye on how high other food being consumed is on the glycemic index table. The tables can easily be found online.

High protein foods and Glycemic Index

Foods high on the Glycemic index are the carbs and sweets that cause severe and rapid blood glucose spikes. High protein foods are on the lower portion of the Glycemic index meaning they only cause slight spikes to blood glucose.

The more rapid glucose enters your blood stream, the less energy your body needs from stored fat to function and the less your muscles are fed and less weight you drop. By eating high protein foods that have less of an impact on your blood glucose levels the more energy our body needs to function has to come from stored fat which in turn provides your muscles with proper nutrient support from the protein and the more weight you drop.

Some Food for Thought

If you want to get ripped and create lean muscle mass, there are a few diets to try that are full of the low GI high protein foods we have been talking about. We all know it’s hard to start diets, but once you see how your overall body feels, looks and functions, you will never stop.



The GI Diet

The GI Diet is really not a cut calories type of diet but simply combines high protein foods with a mix of healthy fats and unrefined carbohydrates. The diet will have you consuming forty percent of your calorie intake from unrefined carbs like whole grains, veggies, and fruits. Thirty percent will be super fats like olive oil, coconuts or all nuts and avocados while the other thirty percent will be consuming high protein foods like beef, fish, and eggs.

Diet 911

The diet 911 plan boasts that you will build lean muscle mass and get ripped fast. The 911 diet is exactly the same conceptually as the GI diet which are healthy fats, high protein foods, and unrefined carbs.

If you want to get ripped, lose weight fast and build lean muscle mass eat a diet full of high protein foods and low on the GI. Tweak your current diet, and you will be amazed at your body’s transformation.



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