Muscle Confusion Workout guide

It is not that uncommon that the sports and recreation trainer or a fitness expert will tell you that you should make it a habit to change your workout routine if you want to get ripped and make gains. You need to shock and confuse your muscle by exposing them to new forms of stimulating exercise every week. For those who are confused about the muscle confusion workout, this article is intended for you.

What is Muscle Confusion?

The concept behind the muscle confusion workout is that if an individual performs the same sports and recreation routine by doing the similar approach and arrangement, their body will gradually adapt to their exercise and they will reach stagnation. In order to address this issue, regular changes in all aspects of your routine such as the tension time, recovery time, the order and the exercise should be made. Based on its theory, muscle confusion looks pretty agreeable and sensible. For those who want to improve their muscle, they will need to adjust their method and push further. Apparently, the best way to challenge our muscle and improve it is to subject them to different types of workout routine every week.

For those who are performing a typical weight-training exercise, they will generally have a workout plan from the start up to the conclusion of their exercise. You will basically be doing the same type of exercise at the proper order at the same amount of reps and set. In order to confuse your muscle, you have to revolutionize your way you plan your weight training exercise. You may spontaneously outline your method on the day of your workout. This is the right method of the muscle confusion workout.

muscle confusion workout

how does it work

A Muscle confusion workout apparently works with various type of fitness diet but most experts also advice to confuse your body nutritionally. Some fitness enthusiasts eat their ‘port-workout’ diet before they start their exercise and will eat their pre-workout meal after their training. Some fitness experts believe that it will work perfectly well.

However, based on different studies, there is really no truth behind the muscle confusion workout. Your body is designed to continue gaining if you continuously put weight into it. With the muscle confusion, you basically alter the order of your workout routine; however, that does not necessarily mean that you will increase your muscle growth and your fat loss.

It may be true that your body will feel a bit sore after every workout but feeling sore will not always mean that you are having a very effective workout. With the muscle confusion workout, people will normally feel sore which will lead to their thinking that they are getting an effective result.

Regardless if you follow your old routine or you perform a muscle confusion workout, there will come a time that your body will reach a plateau. This is because they are no longer adding weight and intensity to their training. Keep your workout simple and push yourself further if you want to get ripped and improve your result.


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